Got the whole Washington Wasteland and so on to clean but ain’t so busy you know?

BrotherHood encourage GamingIt’s been 2 weeks i’ve been cutoff from work. Okay it’s a pain for the cash and all but i feel great relaxed and all, as long as i don’t think about the upcoming bills. In 2 days it’s my birthday and like every years i am broke when it’s near my birthday.

This aside lately as i said i paid for eve-online ( of course did that before learning that i would have my job cutoff or i wouldn’t have done so ). I somehow ended up not playing Eve at all for 2 weeks ever since i updated to Vista ( why did i do that? Triple Sli… ). First fallout 3 experience was one full of bugs under windows XP while Vista was a simple click, install, play… ( And then we all say Vista is crap but here XP or Vista take same rams same usage since i always disable advances graphics effects not much of a eye candy guy.. ). You can see what i mean by Fallout 3 bugs under windows XP by visiting those three posts…

I’ve been busy with gaming, yeah i know it’s bad all i do is gaming watch animes and search for new jobs at same time. Gaming side everything is cool a few months ago i was bored and thought i wasted cash buying such a machine that the one i own but then i started playing Eve-Online, Fallout 3 ( 2nd game ), Lineage 2 ( not really just relogging to old accounts on a private server ), Left4Dead ( That game is awesome to kill boringness for 2hours or so ) and Dawn of War 2 ( Funny thing it’s going out tommorow but it’s already available on torrents site since 3-4days now…)

I do some retro gaming once in a while ( Diablo 2 Expansion only ) and i didn’t post on my site for a damn while. Some people ( mostly french people i know in real life ) told me that they come often on my site and i wasn’t expecting them to do so. They told me that the french text i write sometimes are awesome so i might continue writing the saga of RageX.

The Text section will need some work.

To make this news more related….

Tits are Always Related

Tits are Always Related

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