1234130398882Windows Vista – crap to load spywares.

In the years that i’ve used Windows XP i never caught any virus, spyware or anything like that. Even the software to protect me never did because i safely browse the “known good place”. As of lately im under Vista and Tadam what do i get? Spywares while using Firefox. The annoying ads keep coming back and Ad-aware, Spybot can’t find what is the cause of all those pop-ups.I don’t even know what to do anymore i never expected for this to happend while visiting ragezone but it all started there unfortunately and under Firefox too..

I was so desesperate that i ended up renabling Windows Defender to see… and guess what? He actually FOUND the Trojan that was downloading ads… Even said ( This Trojan can be tricky to remove and is considerated hard to remove ) it asked for a reboot and Bang no more ads popping when i browse the internet. Or so i thought because it was only temporary.

CCleaner cleaned all the registry errors from that Trojan. It appear the trojan was installing itself as a windows Explorer help tool but now my question is why it infected mozilla firefox? IE shortcuts are gone from the computer Firefox is default browser and if i could delete Internet explorer i would.

This just reminded me that on a computer when your facing a new Operating System some exploits are still available around and especially when your a windows user ( especially Vista ). So just a reminder to everyone. Update all your anti-virus, spyware killing progs when you can and also sometimes even thought you don’t believe in microsoft tools use them.

Also update other tools like CCleaner for registry cleaning when you can.

*After a while*

The ads are still displayed under firefox and each time it happend you see the process ieuser.exe you kill it in process manager the ads are gone but they come back when you do search and much more using a browser. Then i run ESET NOD32 no virus detected, AD-Aware only cookies related to the ads i delete them but doesn’t change a thing, Spybot says it changed a value in windows updater so i delete the entry and by doing settings for windows updater it set a new entry and work fine again.

I have no clue to what i should do outside of Inserting the Vista disc and do a repair and hope ieuser.exe and iexplorer.exe will be replaced and it would change a thing?


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