Trial 14days!

Trial 14days!

Wow attending and been a loser can turn you into a winner sometimes! Won 30days free ahah! Anyway here the logs for CCP live chat. Also if interested i have 6 invitations for 21days sponsorship Leave ur email and a comment like ”send me sponsor”



[15:04] <Le titre de la salle est désormais “xfire central command room”.>
[15:04] <Votre niveau de permission actuel pour cette salle est « Péon (Muet) »>
[15:05] [Xfire] Chatteox (chatteox): Hi Everyone and Welcome to the Live Chat with Eve! We’re sorry for the last minute  change from a broadcast to a chat, but we had a few difficulties.  No worries though we have a great team here with us today from EVE, and we’re able to give out 5 – 30 Day EVE Codes to lucky Xfire Users in this Chat.
[15:05] [Xfire] Chatteox (chatteox): So they’re going to introduce themselves and we’ll get started!
[15:06] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): Hi everyone ! Good to see you all here :)
[15:07] CCPGuard (svennik): Hi everyone, nice to see you all here. I am CCP Guard, I’m a Lead Game master for EVE.
[15:07] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): Hello I’m Eris Discordia, I’ve worked for CCP for 3 1/2 years now and I’m a Senior Game Designer.
[15:07] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): I am TheOrbis, from the CCP’s marketing department
[15:07] CCP Soundwave (touborg): I’m Soundwave, game designer and pretty good looking guy.
[15:11] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): lavistavista: At fanfest you announced things like comet mining, fleet formations and other things you have promised for years, what is your timeline for these things?

First of all we are not the people deciding the timeline for these features but they are things we want to do. I think sometimes we can get a bit carried away at Fanfest and forget to  make it really clear that  even if we wish to do something it doesnt mean it will come out soon.  Regarding fleet formations I think the fleetfinder can be considered a very tentative steps towards formalizing fleets more and iterating on it.
[15:11] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): btw as you can see we kicked off answering the questions
[15:12] CCP Soundwave (touborg): xyzdi0 (xyzdi0): When can we expect new addon and what kind of things can we expect in it ? We have brand new cool graphic and sov system but what about new ships ?

Well we’re constantly working on expanding the EVE universe. We have a pretty good track record of releasing two expansions a year, so you can follow our progress pretty easily. Can’t give you any specifics on the next expansion, but I’ll say this: We’re a game about spaceships, so we’ll keep making new ones :)
[15:13] CCPGuard (svennik): lavistavista: For GM Guard: Can you discuss your recent progress with Unholy rage? Are you still going on with banning people, and how has the “Report ISK Spammer” button helped?

Unholy rage rages on. Progress has mostly been very positive and we hope you feel the difference to the game that we see in certain stats. The report ISK spammer button is working well and is both reducing load on our GMs, as well as catching spammers and making reporting easier for players.
[15:14] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): Brain (brainzito): when we will be able to walk in stations? ;o

We don’t want to release Walking in Stations or Incarna until we are utterly happy about it and it feels finished to us. We are working on it thought and progressing but we won’t give a time for it because it’s hard to pinpoint the enddate for perfection. Or something close to it :)
[15:15] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): lavistavista: At fanfest you discussed Incarna, which seems to have been “reset” and re-branded. There was an obscure teaser, can you tell us more?

It’s going to be better than you’ve heard so far
[15:15] CCP Soundwave (touborg): DaDutchDude (dadutchdude): @CCP Soundwave: How would you consider the success of Dominion? What are thus far the most successfull features and whuch features are less successful then envisioned?

I think the new player content went really well. I worked on the new career paths among other things, and those I’m pretty proud of. In terms 0.0, if you discount the bugs, I’m pretty happy with the product when it comes to sov and infrastructure. I think we have a pretty solid system that’s easy to expand on, which pleases me. Less successful? Capital ships is a pretty obvious one, but we’re doing our best to rectify this and you’ll hopefully see those changes on TQ soon.(tm)
[15:16] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): vulkann (tom1035): Based upon the trend of registered and active subscribers  in the past few years, is eve’s population expected to grow substantially or remain just about the same?

Ever since release in 2003, EVE has experienced constant growth in number of subscriptions. Considering the constant upgrades that are delivered via expansions and patches and features that are planned to be released in the future, we are very confident that EVE playerbase to continue to grow steadily in the future as well.
[15:17] CCPGuard (svennik): Kiai (littlekiai): I know this is not a ? but thnak s the GM team is relly good at CCP

I also know that this is not an answer, but thank you, and I happen to agree :) .
[15:18] CCP Soundwave (touborg): kradenko: QUESTION: As a Mothership Pilot, is there still plans to improve the Motherships, the proposed ship changes were great, why the change of mind? Now that they can be destroyed with a single shot from a Titan, when can we expect a change made to them so we can log them in again?

Yes! We’re working on it. We’re dedicated to getting them right, and that means a solution that works for both us and the community. We can’t give you a solution tomorrow, but we are doing the best we can to find a good solution for the community and the devs.
[15:18] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): DethNinjaDragn (shooter803): Furthering on the questions asked about the walk in stations – Will there be more customization for our characters? Right now we only have a face and I would appreciate myself having a body.  haha.  What else can we expect when the walk in station is avaible? Shops?

Yes you will have a body and a face and arms and legs. We know that a lot of people feel a disconnect with EVE because they don’t identify with the ships and they want to hang out as a person. When Incarna or Walking in Stations comes out we will give people a body and a face to play around with.
[15:19] CCPGuard (svennik): Skullyhead (skullyhead): My account got closed because it was “compromised”. I’ve mailed the support and created a petition, but I haven’t heard anything at all from CCP. How long should I keep waiting and what other actions should I take

Petitions on compromised accounts can take a few days to receive a reply. In the meantime we have to keep the accounts locked to prevent damage. We have dedicated GMs on this so you will hear from us real soon and we will help you set things straight.
[15:20] CCP Soundwave (touborg): lavistavista: This can be answered by anyone really: How often do you want to “hurt” CSM people over their stupid ideas?

The CSM are pretty awesome. It would be pretty stupid to assume that us game designers have answers to all the questions. The community has some great input, and I think as game designers, it’s our obligation to listen. The CSM provides some ultra-compact feedback and running new features by them, as a quick measurement has been pretty awesome. So I hope we keep doing the CSM, also because I tend to get them drunk :)
[15:21] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): Kiai (littlekiai): I have a ? will CCP ever  sell time cards in US stores an if so when ?

At the moment we do not have concrete plans on selling time cards in US stores, but this might change in the future. One of the reasons why this was not given priority is due to the fact that we support various online payment methods that eliminate need for credit cards.
[15:22] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): DRSAirwolf (drsairwolf): When can we expect more information about DUST 514, such as gameplay, more on how it interacts with EVE, or even a release date?

We work on EVE so it would be very wrong for us to say anything about DUST. We share your enthusiasm though but it’s a very different group of people working on it. They love your curiosity though and they follow what is written about DUST and all
[15:23] CCP Soundwave (touborg): xyzdi0 (xyzdi0): How does looks an ordinary day in CCP office ;) ?

Hehe, there aren’t really any ordinary days. It’s a pretty strange place, which is probably why so many of us stick around. I can tell you what I did today though. I came in at 8 and tinkered with a design and talked to Abathur over voice. Between 10-12 I was in design meetings and from 13-16 We had brainstorming and some more design work (mostly trying to sell my terrible ideas to CCP Hammer). At 16 we had bingo, secret santa and beer in the cafeteria. Just another day at the office.
[15:24] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): agentf (agentf): Were has Oveur gone?

He is plotting world domination and eating sushi. He is still aware of everything that goes on in EVE but he is just so busy to interact directly with everyone. But he is watching us all..silently and plotting.
[15:24] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): @Soundwave: Sounds great, hope I can join you guys in a few years, any tips on achieving that ?
[15:25] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): eek need to type fast now
[15:25] CCPGuard (svennik): JohnnyBoy (padavoine): when are the plex-like (ie buyable with in game isk) character transfer tokens going to come out?

No set plans for that…but we want to make something like that happen
[15:26] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): @Soundwave: Sounds great, hope I can join you guys in a few years, any tips on achieving that ?

It helps if you can get some experience in the industry, I know this is hard but you can think of volunteering in games or making games at home. We have a volunteer department and you could sign up for that :)
[15:28] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): kradenko: Being a programmer and a game developer, what process do I need to follow to get more involved in CCP? I planned to apply for CSM to get more involved but financially it’s too expensive for me to go to the meets in Iceland as I come from South Africa. Ass end of the world :< I would like to get more involved in game design. Thanks for a great game!

Hi, we have an artist coming from Southg Africa actually. A good way to get more involved with CCP is joining our volunteer program known as ISD. You can also look at the job section at
[15:28] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): Neyro (neyro666): Regarding nullsec fleet battles.  Will there ever be a way to reinforce where large battles happen without having to give 24 hour notice? Most large fleet battles I have been in spring up very quickly.  For instance the recent Razor alliance/Wildly Innapropriate vs Atlas Alliance brawl that lagged everyone out and became a turkey shoot.

At the moment, we need the 24 hour notice in order to support the solar system on the server during the downtime. When we manage to eliminate the downtime altogether the notice time could be shortened. However, this will not happen in the near future.
[15:28] CCP Soundwave (touborg): 51R-H3dsh0t (h3dsh0tspr): in relation to 0.0 upgraded systems, why does the risk > reward ratio still work in favour of the lvl 4 missions in high sec, you can make more isk in lvl 4s with very little risk

Over a longer period you’ll make more money in 0.0. If you ran the top three missions continually, yes that would be the case, but the mix of missions ensures that the average income from missions vs the top anomalies (which wil be there constantly) favors the anomalies. The advantage of high sec, as you mention, is the security. That’s inherent to empire though, and not likely to change.
[15:29] CCPGuard (svennik): Kelusk (littleyud): Will it ever be possible to land on Planets in EVE?

EVE is here to stay. We plan to develop the EVE universe indefinitely….so odds are good :)
[15:32] CCP Soundwave (touborg): lavistavista: Have you seen “carebears” starting to move into 0.0 as a result of Dominion? How well did it work out?

I think we are definately seeing a higher degree of system usage in 0.0. The key point here is that with stuff like this, you have to monitor it over a longer period. Essentially the expansion is still new and what really matters is how 0.0 looks in, for example, 6 months. We’d like to make more improvements of course, but we’ll see what time and money allows :)
[15:32] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): DaDutchDude (dadutchdude): Is it fair to say that the ‘Corification’ (i.e. the restructuring of code to make it more modular, organized by core) is the cause of many of the bugs in Dominion? Also, what is the state of the corification? Is it mostly done, or is there still much work ahead?

I asked Atropos about this. Corification is a process to make sets of code that can be used for several projects. Corification is done because it saves CCP reinventing the wheel for several projects, and instead it would make it easier to share resources. So we are still working on corification. It’s never easy to say where bugs come from, and it depends on the bug itself. I think someone from QA would be able to answer where most of the bugs were found.
[15:33] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): zawuhibu (zawuhibu): There are currently issues with the TC trading system on the forums do you have any ideas as to what the issue is and when this issue might be fixed?

We are fully aware of these issues and are working on a solution. I cannot give you a date when this will be fixed, but this has been given high priority and we are working on fixing it.
[15:33] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): samsneediam: Why was there no skill training bonus added to the Dominion expansion?

Instead of entering in another skill training bonus we decided to lower a few of the prerequisites for skills. The skill training bonus is rather fair at the moment and we felt it didn’t need to be adjusted further.
[15:34] CCPGuard (svennik): Kiai (littlekiai): I have a Good ? is there a way to rename my toon in EVE

Currently…no. But you can get an extra one for only 14.95 a month! All kidding aside, we have thought about it and we might do it one day. I can’t make promises though. We would have to ensure that characters can be traced by other players and not escape their past through a name change.
[15:36] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): Fusion (blitor): Question : Do you have problems with answering?

Hi, we come from our own department in CCP and it would be incredibly rude if we answered questions on topics  we don’t know enough about to give a valid answer.
[15:36] CCPGuard (svennik): Brain (brainzito): A long time ago, a buzz spread out that CCP was studying some kind of interaction between eve online and mobile devices. Is that true?

True. We are thinking about that.
[15:36] CCP Soundwave (touborg): @All of the CCP.  I know hosting things like this helps the bond between CCP and the players, but do you ever feel like smacking some of *ahem* less intelligent people?  As a second part of my question, could you please describe as to what issues caused the Broadcast to not be able to view

Not really. I think people have different takes on everything and most of us are well aware that we’re never going to please everyone. People who have a different opinion are very welcome in my book, since critique is pretty important to game design. Sometimes the approach to the critique can be a little harsh, but it’s just something you have to shrug off, it doesn’t bother us much
[15:40] CCP Soundwave (touborg): NightShade (o0elise0o): whats ccp’s favorite ship ! :P

Hehe, there probably isn’t a favorite ship in all of CCP. I’ll give you mine though. I like ships that are a little different. I can fly battleships on all my accounts, but seldomly do. Interdictors are awesome, recons are awesome, stealthbombers are awesome :) I like ships that do different things than just have you press buttons. The interdictor is in my opinion the most interesting class of ships in the game, while the bomber gives you a pretty unique take on fleet combat.
[15:40] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): xyzdi0 (xyzdi0): Is there any chance that Dust 514 will be released on pc ?

Dust 514 is still in development and is too early to answer any of Dust 514 questions just yet. Rest assured, we will be releasing some additional information about DUST 514 soon so make sure you watch the news ;)
[15:41] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): Action_IHOP7 (ihop7): Any chance of being able to repaint or redecorate our ships at some point?

Graphics are downloaded in a patch and then rendered from your computer, this is the loading time when you jump into a new system. If people had custom made and decorated ships this rendering would take much much longer. Imagine downloading 500 custom painjob ships when you enter Jita. You’d also have to download all the custom made paintjobs in a patch. This is the reason why we are not doing paintjobs for ships.
[15:42] CCP Soundwave (touborg): strabo4 (strabo4): a single L4 agent supports a limitless amount of people, whereas a sanctum will be contested between members of the same alliance. Are there any plans to fix this or boost the rewards of anomalies to compensate?

We can’t give any info on stuff that’s to come, but I love 0.0 and would love to expand on it. Would that be done through boosting anomalies even more or adding new content? That I don’t know, but the second I get the chance to build more 0.0 stuff, I will :)
[15:43] CCPGuard (svennik): ponch (ponchato): @ all of you: Do you guys play on TQ, as normal characters?  Do you fly missions, mine, all that jazz?

Yes we do, EVE is awesome. We just play under stricter rules than the players and have to avoid all gray areas like scamming, as well as high positions of power in the game.
[15:43] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): agentf (agentf): @ The Orbis: Is the constant growth new players coming into the game, or older players taking advantage of power of 2 and other deal ccp uses?

It is a mix of both really, but majority of growth is driven by acquisition of new players.
[15:43] CCP Soundwave (touborg): кіllа (roogle2100): Will eve be getting another makover for more high res monitors like Ships at least?

Being that we’re going to keep running EVE forever, you will get them at some point. We’re not making EVE 2, we’re going to keep this game up to date for many, many years, and that includes graphics.
[15:45] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): -[MG]-Silent Sniper<SotG> (rsfsniper): Do you consider new MMO’s that are based in space like Star Trek Online being a threat to Eve?

Personally, not really. EVE is still, the graphics alone are stunning. For me the graphics makes it much more immersive and I don’t think any game will offer the freedom you find in EVE. I like it that you are not restrained by roles but you can really do whatever you want and whenever you want. I think a little competition will only make us work harder and even better.
[15:46] CCPGuard (svennik): Brain (brainzito): There is any possibility of CCP make an app that let us change our skills outside eve online? It would be incredible to change skills at a party or business meeting from our iphone, cellphone, or even at a pc at the office!

Yes, that’s a possibility.
[15:46] CCP Soundwave (touborg): lavistavista: Soundwave: What’s your take on the Skill Queue? When the first CSM went to Iceland, CCP was strongly against it. Do you think it’s fair to say that it’s a great feature, depsite how much certain game designers could swear it was going to ruin their game?

I think it’s pretty awesome. I completely agree with keeping it on a 24 hour limit though, because we really want you to log in and take part. While it would be a lot easier to just let it run however long you want, it kind of takes some of the romance away. I’m pretty convinced most of us CCPers use it constantly though :) But yea, it tinkers with some of EVEs fundamentals, and that usually gets most of us a little on the fences.
[15:47] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): Lakkery (lakkeri): Is it possible to create wh-like space for low skill, maybe highsec wh? with analog to concord? just playing not so long aga and wanna explore wh space but have no skills to stay away from newbie killers

Lakkery, we are giving away a free ship for Christmas Holiday which will enable you to explore the WH space without a threat from NPC’s there. ALternatively, you can look into teaming up with some friends or joining a corporation that has a base or explores wh space on a regular basis.
[15:47] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): lavistavista: How succesful has Dominion been on keeping new players in the game? Has the NPE in Dominion helped drastically according to your data? And are you going to do another round of Tutorials for more “advanced” things in the future? (I like newbies to blow up, I tell you)

We havent seen all the data yet but we know that the goals we set out are reached. We have seen a big increase in the amount of scanning going on because of the new exploration tutorial. We will still keep an close eye on new players entering the game but so far I’m not aware of any need to add more new player content. We will watch the data though and see if it’s needed and then react on it of course.
[15:48] CCP Soundwave (touborg): NightShade (o0elise0o): I like the system for T3 cruisers.. will there be same style for other ship classes in the future?

Let’s hope so. It’s a really interesting mold that it would be silly to not use. That said, I can’t give you a timeframe, or if we’ll even do it, but I certainly hope so. They’re different and kind of exciting, so we really should take advantages of all the fun variations it potentially provides.
[15:50] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): lavistavista: Waffles vs Pancakes vs Nonni’s?

Definitely Nonni’s ;)
[15:50] CCP Soundwave (touborg): -[MG]-Silent Sniper<SotG> (rsfsniper): @ CCP I haven’t heard any confirmed dates on the walking in stations as of yet? Is this still going to happen in 2010?

No official word, I’m sorry :( All I can say is that we’ve been working on it this entire time, and when it’s at a place where we are satisfied with the quality, you guys will have it. But we’re working on it :)
[15:50] CCP Soundwave (touborg): Also yes, Nonnis.
[15:50] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): Sonko (sonko142): @ CCP how many skill points do you guys (and girls?) have on your Characters in eve?

First of all, poffertjes for me. And one character has 80 mil, the other around 50 and then I have another I forgot about.
[15:51] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): I’m the CCP outcast, I don’t like Nonni’s or beer. But I like Amaretto and poffertjes
[15:51] CCPGuard (svennik): I have somewhere between 70 and 80 on the one I play the most.
[15:51] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams):  Sonko (sonko142): @ CCP how many skill points do you guys (and girls?) have on your Characters in eve?

I also have one with 80m+ and another with 60m+
[15:53] CCPGuard (svennik): Raynor (raynorhiarro): Are there any plans to give discounts for PLEX buying as currently one can get 6 months of subcription time @ ~73 dollars while it still costs ~100 dollars to buy the same amount of time in PLEX’s.

At the moment we have no such plans. Sorry.
[15:53] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): Normandy (emceek): One of the things that first exposed me to Eve was the Eve CCG. I was a fan, and wondering if there is any possibility of an Eve CCG based game in the style of the XBLA game “Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers” ?

Not likely at this time. We do have a boardgame that was released recently. You should check out the EVE Store.
[15:54] CCP Soundwave (touborg): lavistavista: Eris and Soundwave: When dealing with new features that has either creates or destroys ISK, how much do you converse with the Research and Statistics team? Do they have a say in Game Design?

Constantly. In fact I have a meeting or two tomorrow with the head of research where I need to speak to him about future changes. They are pretty great, because they have a much better take on economy than most of us. Their advice is invaluable when creating new features and keeping the EVE economy in check. So yea, can’t sneak any changes past Dr. Eyo :)
[15:54] CCP Soundwave (touborg): strabo4 (strabo4): What is in the pipes for motherships in the next 6 months? (like fighterbombers, more EHP)

Can’t tell you sadly, since it’s not on my table curently. I’d be very surprised if you didn’t hear something sooner rather than later though.
[15:55] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): lavistavista: Soundwave: What’s your take on the Skill Queue? When the first CSM went to Iceland, CCP was strongly against it. Do you think it’s fair to say that it’s a great feature, depsite how much certain game designers could swear it was going to ruin their game?

I designed it, clearly it is a great feature. We were worried that it would mean people would log in to EVE less but in the end that fear outweighed the benefit of not having to wake up at odd hours in the night to change your skills. When we added in the faster skilltraining time for new players we also knew we had make a sort of queue to keep them from just clicking start new skill every 10 minutes.  By that time we had more reasons to do it than not to do it and we went ahead with it .
[15:55] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): This doesn’t mean we will make the queue longer than 24 hours though :P
[15:56] CCP Soundwave (touborg): BobFromMarketing (psyker320): So anythign to make MS more than account holders?

Yes, absolutely. We said we’d keep working on it, and we are.
[15:58] CCP Soundwave (touborg): The Catholic (dhartnett35): If a train left Boston traveling 60MPH and another left Chicago at 75 MPH, what is the name of the conductor?

[15:59] CCPGuard (svennik): Brain (brainzito): If you would compare “Walking in Stations” with any existing game, what game it would be?

We don’t compare our games with existing games. We are years ahead of what everyone else is trying to do :)
[15:59] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): Suddiez (suddiez): Once more. New starfields and planet’s graphics affected my FPS badly.. no driverutil tips was no help.. mb you should make some options to switch them (new look of objects) ON or OFF?

Suddiez, i would suggest you report this on the forums under “technical issues” and also “features and ideas”. We regularly monitor and read the feedback from our players and that is one of the good ways to bring it to our attention.
Other excellent way is to bring it to CSM attention who can in turn communicate that to CCP.
[16:00] CCP Soundwave (touborg): lavistavista: Soundwave: Alliance Tournament 8, when?

Good question. I enjoyed the last one much more than the previous ones, so I’m pretty much ready to go. Sadly though, I’m just some fat guy who talks about spaceship, so I’m waiting patiently :) Hopefully it gets underway, and we can keep making it bigger and better.
[16:01] CCPGuard (svennik): Z (tigereye31890): Why is it that Dust will be a seperate entity from EVE? Why not  just implement it into the EVE universe and allow players to explore both the cockpit and FPS version of the game in which could even be done from the same charectar? For example chosing either a naval career in space or a career like a marines, one beginning in space and the other on the ground but both can still play freely with both aspects of the game regaurdless of the branch they chose. Is this some thing CCP has had any thought about?

DUST will come out as a seperate game taking place in the same worlds. All sorts of connections are planned. The reasons we are keeping the games seperate (at least for now) are many. One is to reach a different group of people with different tastes and get their style of gameplay to benefit EVE players and vice versa. Like we say…EVE is here to stay so who knows.
[16:02] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): avistavista: Eris and Soundwave: When dealing with new features that has either creates or destroys ISK, how much do you converse with the Research and Statistics team? Do they have a say in Game Design?

We work together with R&S because the last thing we want to do is to destroy the economy of EVE or greatly upset it. R&S also alerts us if they perceive economics trends that should concern us.
[16:02] CCPGuard (svennik): how deep the merger will run somewhere down the line
[16:03] CCP Soundwave (touborg): lavistavista: Soundwave: Who does one have to get drunk to have another Tournament soon then?  Would it be TheOrbis?

I don’t know. You should probably just keep trying till you hit the right person. start with me.
[16:04] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): agentf (agentf): Does CCP plan to expand offices into other countries?

We do. We have recently opened an office in Newcastle and are looking at other cities/countries as well.
[16:04] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): Brain (brainzito): If you would compare “Walking in Stations” with any existing game, what game it would be?

No comparison to any other game I can think of.  We are getting inspiration from movies and sci fi books though :)
[16:04] CCPGuard (svennik): vossejongk (vossejongk): CCP im going to take a shower, any devs wanting to join in or are you all celibate ?

“Shower”? “Celibate”? I don’t know them fancy words.
[16:06] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): vossejongk (vossejongk): How does CCP thinks about the Dutch?

We have plenty of people from Holland working at CCP so everyone is really happy with us dutch folk or we’d plot against them
[16:07] CCPGuard (svennik): NightShade (o0elise0o): CCP are you gods or real people :P ?

We create universes. Does that answer your question?
[16:07] CCP Soundwave (touborg): fairimear: @ANY CCP  Blackop’s are generaly considered useless. are there any plans to make them better or more to the point can you insure they wnt be made better? (some of us like them how they are)). And can we have a update on MS ehp balance atleast.

I think a lot of the game designers feel that the intelligence role in EVE isn’t done yet. There are loads of things we can do to make cov ops, recons and black ops more interesting, so it’s definately something that would be fun to look at. The metagame is a part of EVE, and these games should be an extension of that.
[16:09] CCP Soundwave (touborg): ccxo (ccxo): what are the future graphic improvements for eve aside from walking in stations and planetary interaction as the stars and planet graphics have greatly improved the game

We’re going to constantly improve EVE. As I mentioned before, there are no plans for an EVE 2, we’re just going to run this one TILL THE END OF TIME. To reach THE END OF TIME, we will constantly have to keep the game up to date, which includes graphics upgrades. Expect them every now and then until we reach THE END OF TIME
[16:10] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): lavistavista: The last 2 fanfests were announced rather late, meaning that people from far couldn’t make it. Are you going to announce Fanfest 2010 soon, please?

I don’t know when we will annouce Fanfest but I’ll let the guy in charge know that the sooner the better :)
[16:11] CCP Soundwave (touborg): REM (whatheduck): will “the ends of time” = after the release of duke nukem forever?

We are going to release expansions both before and after duke nukem forever!
[16:13] CCP Soundwave (touborg): Limyc (jonnyboy07): When are CCP planning on giving AFs their bonus’?
[16:13] CCPGuard (svennik): NightShade (o0elise0o): Whats your favorite feature in eve?

For me I have togo big and say the single shard universe. I love it to death. It’s what makes EVE unique and exciting.
[16:13] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): VETO] La Merovingian (tharrington80): As a member of VETO, I attempt to illicit a ransom from my customers as often as possible. Has CCP given any thought to implementing a “ransom button” and a way to track them? Killboard stats are nice, but don’t always depict the outcome of engagements due to the fact that we ransom regularly. An in-game ability to ransom, and consequently track ransoms, would be very much appreciated by the pirate community.

We have played around with a ransom mechanic idea before for various reasons but we never came up with a vision we were happy with. So it’s on our minds but not anywhere near development.
[16:13] CCP Soundwave (touborg): Limyc (jonnyboy07): When are CCP planning on giving AFs their bonus’?

Can’t give you the exact dates, but I know that CCP Chronotis is constantly doing what he can to get these changes in. If they go in, he’s the guy you should be giving a pat on the shoulder.
[16:13] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): Drummi (theraggygandalf): The Orbis: You said, that you might be able to get rid of the downtime, so what are you actually doing during this hour?

There is a dev blog explaining in detail what exactly goes during this “hour”. You will have to look it up in the dev blog archive as i couldnt find it now. To sum it up, it is database maintenance.

However, as far as i know, the actual time for downtime “hour” has been steadily reduced and is as short as 7 minutes sometimes.
[16:15] CCP Soundwave (touborg): 51R-H3dsh0t (h3dsh0tspr): Are we ever going to be able to salvage implants from pods when we pop them? And in relation to Dust, can we gank the battle barges?

There are some technical barriers in terms of salvaging pods, but it’s something we’d love to do. At the end of the day, we’d need to apply some changes that go beyond just salvaging implants. If the time comes where we can set aside the resources, it would be an awesome feature.
[16:15] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): lavistavista: TheOrbis: Are you planning another Power of 2 Offering any time soon?

Not in near future. These special offers are available on a yearly basis, so you can probably expect another one in several months or up to a year.
[16:18] (CCP) The Orbis (xfstreams): NightShade (o0elise0o): What are your favorite ships ^^?

Mine is Prorator :)
[16:19] CCP ErisDiscordia (erisdiscorida): VETO] La Merovingian (tharrington80): As a member of VETO, I attempt to illicit a ransom from my customers as often as possible. Has CCP given any thought to implementing a “ransom button” and a way to track them? Killboard stats are nice, but don’t always depict the outcome of engagements due to the fact that we ransom regularly. An in-game ability to ransom, and consequently track ransoms, would be very much appreciated by the pirate community.

We have some crazy ideas that we can do tutorial videos in the future somewhere that would teach people the basics of pvp and other things. But no time estimate can be given on it but it is something several people have been wanting to try.
[16:20] [Xfire] Chatteox (chatteox): Alright Everyone! We’re going to call it a day now.
[16:20] CCPGuard (svennik): Action_IHOP7 (ihop7): Pirates or Ninjas?

[16:20] [Xfire] Chatteox (chatteox): Thank you everyone for coming to the Suprise EVE Live Chat! I hope you had a great time. Let’s give a special thanks to the Team from EVE for being such great sports and even staying 20 minutes longer than their hour to answer your questions!
[16:20] [Xfire] Chatteox (chatteox): Now on to those prizes!

30 Days Free EVE Online Accounts go to:

[16:21] [Xfire] Chatteox (chatteox): 5 winners PM me for instructions on how to claim your prize!
[16:27] [Xfire] Chatteox (chatteox): Test for everyone left here. One of the users didn’t Reply for their prize. The VERY NEXT PERSON to IM me gets it. Ready? Go!

[16:28] RageX4u of Hell: me
[16:28] RageX4u of Hell: lol
[16:28] RageX4u of Hell: was i too late?
[16:28] RageX4u of Hell: damn

[16:28] RageX4u of Hell: Yes!!

[16:28] RageX4u of Hell: ahah

[16:28] [Xfire] Chatteox: LOL
[16:28] [Xfire] Chatteox (chatteox): Ragex4U is the winner!
[16:28] [Xfire] Chatteox (chatteox): wow how fast!

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