Zohar Project Leader - Kreliann Lann

Zohar Project Leader - Kreliann Lann

March 3 2010 06:10 Eve time

The Leader of the Zohar Project, Kreliann Lann in a effort to make a successfull corporation recruited new members with the help of a corpmate Dio.

After recruiting two members and getting a third one going with a name like ”brutor”. Which had a bounty and a numerous amount of employment history he accepted is applyance without paying attention to all those little details.

Little did he knew that the new member was a Pirate doing ransoms on small corporations he joins. The ”Brutor” was already ransomming the corporation in a private conversation with it’s leader.

After a while on the corporation channel the leader would claim that the brutor was actually a pirate asking for a ransom.

While the corporations and guest were discussing that a payment would be newbish and totally not something you should do no matter what the amount our Zohar leader had already made the mistake of paying the ransomming pirate a small amount of 50 millions. The ”brutor” who was becoming more hungry for ISK’s, asked more claiming he wouldn’t leave corp with such an amount.

When the Zohar leader came back on the corporation channel and claimed that he made the mistake of paying the amount he was received with harsh comments toward it.
And out of shame when the corp members asked for the full name of the pirates he would repeat ”I had it carved in my brain…. but lets just forget it and let it go”

This is a post to remind him of is mistake in the Eve Universe for generations to come.

As we debated about is mistake we found another corp ransommer in the channel waiting for an approval of membership.
Looking at is employment history made it more than oblivious that Fergall Acheilleus was another Pirates.

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One Response to Leader…Fail

  1. nunya bizness says:

    Poor Kreliann… your lack of experience and/or leadership is showing. I can't say I'm surprised though.

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