Right when I thought to myself wow it actually starting to give me money I don’t know why but it does! Back in the past when I had ragexworld.deltaanime.net I had a huge income of pageviews because of animes but when my isp put a limit to upload per month I lost my userbase and my fun of sharing as google wouldn’t allow me sharing every kind of content *animes non-licenssed*.

They say some expert saw innapropriate activity yet they TOS make it so I cannot know which improper activity have been made and for a appeal well lets say they ask tons of questions which I don’t even know what to answer.

After studying the information in our possession, we can
say that your AdSense account has the potential to generate
improper activities. We found it necessary to disable your
AdSense account because we must protect our advertisers’ AdWords
against the artificial increase in costs due to activities
incorrect. Your outstanding balance and the share of income will be Google
fully reimbursed to the affected advertisers.
We are forced to take such steps to ensure
the effectiveness of Google advertising, including relations
between advertisers and publishers. We are aware of potential
inconvenience and we thank you in advance for your
understanding and your cooperation.
If you have questions about the steps we have taken,
the possibility of filing a claim or incorrect operations
Generally, you will find information on the page

This is kind of annoying in a way I wasn’t earning much either but the little they gave helped me a lot since a week ago iv’e become unemployed and we enter this recession caused by americans economy making it harder for jobs such as Arc Metal Wielder and other general purpose in metallurgy.

If anyone know of another ads compagny that is respected and can generate more or same income than google please let me know as of now I will relax and calm down in this situation of panic.

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